Friday 25 August 2006

Getting Ready at 33 Weeks

Baby is now about 33 weeks and we've been busy preparing to welcome the youngest member of the family! Went for a detailed scan with gynae last week and it's quite amazing to see how much the baby has grown! She took measurements of the head and thigh bone and somehow managed to estimate that he now weighs around 1.9 kg..... and looking at the ultrasound, I think we can be QUITE certain that he has all the equipment for a boy!

The baby's head is now facing downwards and we hope he stays that way till he's ready to come out! So far everything looks normal and we will be going for our next appointment on 5 Sept.

Meanwhile in the last few weeks we have been trying to gather all the remaining baby items and set up our study room...which is slowly morphing into a baby's room. Got some really cute baby clothes from friends and are just discovering the bewildering world of disposable diapers....

Ivan has also been hard at work building some new baby-safe furniture & diaper change table for our's Ivan with our haul from Ikea recently.