Thursday 31 May 2012

Brompton with Trail-Gator and Front Seat

What a great outing we had at the Punggol park connector! Mei came to ride and photograph us, and we are on our first longer ride with the trail-gator. I wanted to mount it as low as possible on my seatpost. It can't go any lower otherwise Ethan's front wheel would be too close to the ground. I need to shave off some metal from Ethan's attachment brack to increase the angle and allow the mount on my seat post to be even lower. As is, it performs wonderfully after I figured out how to attached to the Brompton fender stays when Ethan is disconnected. I dare say it would be even better than on a "normal bike" as the mount point on the Brompton is much lower and hence more stable for Ethan's bike being towed. Possible improvements are (1) quick release on seatpost attachment to permit better folding/carrying Brompton (2) lowering Trail-gator attachment point by modifying angle bracket further (3) shortening trail-gator by cutting/drilling more metial off the Trail-Gator.

As usual, Talia loves her front seat. It's been more than a year since I fit this together and it's still fabulous. The simple attachment method to the C-bag frame is excellent and the recycled aero-bars make the cheap seat look fantastic! At $35 this customized seat was the best deal ever! Please forgive the lack of helmet for Talia... I accidentally brought the wrong one and she wasn't too happy. Hence my towel on the handlebar for her to rest her delicate head!

Monday 7 May 2012

A Great Day

What a great afternoon outing at Labrador Park! Daddy took some mug needed time off after some packed weeks, and we stuffed 1 Brompton and 2 kids bikes in the car. This included Ethan's new bike which he pedals and balances so wonderfully!

The day included lots of sight-seeing, enjoying the sea breeze, and pretending to be different animals. Ethan and Talia cycled the length of Labrador Park a couple of times and explored the paths aroud the playground and "forest."

After much cycling we had a picnic of satay and fried rice and Ethan and Talia ate so well, laughing and chatting all the way through!

Friday 4 May 2012

Pedal Cycling Day One

Ethan got his first pedal bike, a Specialized Hotrock 16 with coaster brakes. Daddy chose this one as it has decent components and an aluminium frame to make it a reasonable weight. Lots of time on his previous balance bike has made my cycling son adept at balancing so we started his bike riding career with no training wheels and he has taken to it very well. After a bit of practice of how to get started he is doing very well. This ride is after about half an hour of practice and no falls! Daddy sure is proud!