Tuesday 30 June 2009

Mad About Driving

Ethan's great new craze is driving. He either particularly likes Daddy's little Subaru R1 or he particularly likes driving with Daddy. Today Mummy is feeling under the weather so Daddy told Ethan that he was going to drive with Daddy. You cannot imagine the look of glee dripping from his face. I wish we all had that same expectant joy when we are about to spend time with our Abba Father!

So here we are at free parking outside Sembawang Shopping Centre, after a rainy drive during which Ethan kept telling me that HE wanted to drive. Daddy promised so Daddy is delivering - letting Ethan enjoy one of his favourite activities. Whether it is being with Daddy or getting to be like Daddy he just soaks it all up! He will probably remember this time "driving" more than any other activity we do at Sembawang!

Thursday 25 June 2009

Water Park at Sembawang

It was a great day at the water park in Sembawang Shopping Centre for all! Ethan and Talia thoroughly enjoyed themselves and got dripping wet at this fantastic playground. It is less boisterous than the one at IMM and it has food and drink shops just next door where parents can sit and order grub.

It was one of the first few times that Talia really got herself drenched going in and out of the water sprays. Ethan was much more cautious than she is now at that age. We have always known that Ethan loves to play with water but Talia really LOOOVES the water.

We ate steak, chicken wings and french fries at the open air Astons and drank milk tea from the Hong Kong tea house...it really feels like one is on holiday! Amazing that the park is all free, the food is cheap, there is lots of cool air-con shops when you get tired and street side parking nearby is free if you can find it! The only thing missing is warm towels and a changing room!

Talia had such fun time with her Mummy and Daddy!

Sunday 14 June 2009

Bumblebee Boy

Have you seen Ethan in his bumblebee outfit? It was a special occasion – the last day of school and everyone dressed up, so Ethan donned this outfit complete with wings. On that day he unusually allowed the hood to be on too, so he looked quite the part!

Saturday 6 June 2009


We've been introducing Talia to the joys of reading and are glad that like her brother, she has taken to books very while. I read her The Very Hungry Caterpillar last night and she laughed a lot at Mummy's attempts to make the Caterpillar come alive! Here she is settling down to a fun musical book that Por Por bought from a recent trip to Sydney.

Ethan on the other hand, is expanding his experience to various other genres of reading material, and here he is reading concernedly about the fluctuating interest rates and its impact on his education fund......

Reading sure is fun!