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Monday 26 July 2010

Swim Classes

Most kids enjoy the great fun of splashing around in pools but when I saw the sparkle in Talia's eyes when we brought her swimming, I just knew she was a natural water baby! Here she is splashing around in Goo Ma's nice pool......

So we signed her up for Swimming classes at Jane Marsden's Swim School and she's really taken to it very well. In fact, the lessons are the highlight of her week and she loves going swimming every Monday! I was quite amazed she was hardly fussed about getting her face wet or even going "under" the water. (although we had to remind her to close her mouth!) Even her swim teacher is quite amazed at how fearless she is with water and its really a joy to see her in the water. Here she is happily "lying down" on the water (which is not easy to get most kids to do!)

I'm really glad we brought her for these lessons..... will have to work out some time to do the same for Ethan soon. He enjoys the water but is a tad more cautious about water than his sister!

Saturday 4 October 2008

Cooling Off

Maybe its just me being pregnant but this last week has been really HOT! Fortunately our sweaty little boy has his ways of cooling off in this sweltering heat. Here he is enjoying a cool swim in the nice pool at Ah-Mah's place....and it looks like he's not the only one enjoying the swim!

He also enjoys long and leisurely bubble-baths at Por Por's place where it's always a stuggle to extricate him from the bath......
And when he's stuck at home with me, we sometimes take a quick trip down to the Jacob Ballas Garden in the afternoon to cool off in the lush greenery of our favourite park! It's also a great place to celebrate the wonders of water play with other kids as well -- and that certainly takes all our minds off the hot weather!

Saturday 29 December 2007

A Day at the Beach

It was a beach outing day and we were all ready with our hats! You may have heard about our hat escapades during the Christmas Service at WEFC and here is Ethan with his hat! He's still struggling with seeing the point of it, though he always chuckles when he first sees Daddy with his own hat.

Ethan changed into his swimsuit and we walked out onto the sand. He was very puzzled when he first felt the squishy stuff on his toes but he took to it very quickly! We sat on the sand together and played with our dump trucks, rakes, and spades.

Ethan's favourite toy was the spade. We think it's because it looked like a giant spoon and reminded him of the food he loves. In fact, he tried eating the sand... twice... after which the not-so-good taste put him off repeat ventures. It was such a joy to see him having new experiences, learning new things, and enjoying himself. Now I really understand why parents are so happy when they see their children happy.

Mummy sat and played with Ethan too. Here is a video of him playing with the sand and his shovel. He'll have tonnes more fun when he's able to build sandcastles...

After a fantastic day we walked along the beach, drifting off into the sunset and refreshing ourselves with scrumptious food and the cool sea breeze...

Can you see Ethan still holding onto his spade?

Sunday 15 April 2007

Sunday Swimming

Today and next weekend are Missions Emphasis Weekends at church so I'm busy preparing things and the various things going on. Renata and Ethan came for early service then came back home. By the time I got home from church, look who was having a nice nap in the big bed without me!

After a nice loooong nap we all got up out of bed and went for a quick swim. Our Learn to Swim book, for 6 month to 4 year old children has arrived! We highly recommend it to parents who want to be involved teaching their l'il ones to swim. Today we did the "Water Pouring Station" game and a bit of the "Cheek Dip". We discovered that Ethan really looooves the feel of flowing water. After the pool, I brought him into the shower with me to feel water running down his face. A little at a time, but frequently says our book-tutor.

Saturday 7 April 2007


We bought Ethan a new swimming wetsuit and he looks soooo cute in it. This photo doesn't do his new sporty outfit justice! We got this from Kiddy Palace - it's their smallest one sized for 1 year old. Our tubby 6-month old baby fits into it with some room to grow!

Now that we spent $26.90 (after discount) on this wetsuit, we are trying to maximize use of it before Ethan outgrows it. So this morning we took him for a quick dip before his morning bath. It's a bit colder in the morning so he wasn't laughing as much as the previous day!

The wetsuit is really good! Not only does Ethan look very stylish, but he's kept warmer as compared with wearing only shorts. His favourite water activity is zooming around on his l'il speedboat!

Friday 6 April 2007


Such fun! We took Ethan swimming for the first time and he luuuurrrrved it! A few months ago we tried when we were on a short holiday but it was cold and Ethan cried lots. This time we waited for a warm day, got him used to the water, then let him sit in his baby float toy that A. Pek Ya & Wan Ling bought for him!

Ethan liked swimming with Daddy almost as much as Daddy enjoyed it! Mummy was on the sidelines taking pictures and saying, "Be careful!" Now that Ethan likes the water so much, we can't wait for our baby swimming book to arrive which will teach us how to teach him to REALLY swim!

Tuesday 3 April 2007

Teaching Ethan Swimming

We just bought a book on how to teach babies to swim. It was a toss up between Water Babies and this book which we ended up getting, buying from local online bookseller for the first time! It hasn't arrived yet though... so Ethan has been dunked yet either!