Monday 28 April 2008

A Happy Pair

Ethan just loves the view of the world on top of Daddy's shoulders... especially when we're dressed like a pair! We had just finished a lovely lunch at Pepper Lunch in Suntec City on our day off and we took a family stroll around. Now that Ethan is stronger, Daddy can get by just holding his ankles whereas before Ethan had to be held around the waist. This way entails more freedom and more fun!

Sunday 27 April 2008

Ethan Calling

Ethan shares his Daddy's love for electronic gadgets and we are continually amazed how fast he is to figure out how each gadget works! Last week Mummy was busy in the kitchen when she noticed Ethan being a bit too quiet for a turned out he had retrieved her handphone from the top of the table and gone to a quiet corner to make his very first unassisted phone call to Gong Gong! It seems they had a good chat for a few minutes with Ethan cheerfully talking about how his day had gone. Too bad it wasn't in English but we are sure Grandpa appreciated it all the same!


Ethan's taking a liking to climbing in and out of tubs & boxes of late. Maybe its the happy memories he has of sitting in his bathtub, but with his eagerness to climb in & out of his tub even outside of bath times, we have had to pack it away to avoid the danger of tumble. Fortunately we've found another way to satisfy his love of boats -- we've found a new use for his pool float out of the water! Best of all its much safer on our rug than a tumbling bathtub...

Friday 25 April 2008

Pastor's Pie

After a hiatus from cooking, Daddy is back again. Last week it was a bacon amatraciana with macaroni (aka daddy's delight). Ethan loved it so much that Daddy didn't mind slaving away at the stove again. I didn't have any name for it at first but it was yummy mashed potatoes with milk and butter that formed the base.

Sixteen servings of mashed potatoes need some delicious topping and it was a beef base this time. At only 90c/100g for this brazilian minced beef, $2.70 sure went a long way. I usually load up Ethan with sauteed onions, but Mummy noticed that his poo was especially smelly this week. So it was sans onions with other goodness instead - red and yellow peppers, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes and basil.

After dishing out all the servings, it hit me! It was very similar to shepherd's pie with the mashed potatoes and the beef, but it was inverted with lots of other things instead. Therefore, Ethan's food filling our freezer is henceforth declared pastor's pie. In addition to the beef it has lots of love, joy, peace, kindness, and goodness. I hope there's not much self-control when Ethan eats it though. Will he like his new dish... pastor's pie?

Note: After telling this to mummy, she reminded me that pastor actually means shepherd! Ha hah ha....

Wednesday 23 April 2008

Couch Climber

Ethan is now able to scale the couch! We found the cute little boy lying there and smiling at his parents, being extremely pleased with his new achievement. He's so adorable it just drives us nuts sometimes!

He will now climb up to sofa unassisted, sit down and turn on the television! He doesn't know how to select channels yet, but he's quite happy simply looking at the flashing "NO SIGNAL" display on our TV!

Monday 14 April 2008

Registered for School!

Guess what? Someone is old enough to start school next year!!! We had always thought it would be quite a while away, but realised that he can actually join Nursery Class at Barker Rd Methodist Church Kindergarten from Jan 2009! Here he is at Kindy registration looking forward to the big step of being big boy and going to school next year. (sigh!) We can hardly believe it -- last year he was just a baby and next year our boy is going to school!! He sure is growing up fast....

The best thing about BRMC Kindy is that it is just downstairs from Mummy's office! Ethan had some time on his hands after registration so he decided to help Mummy with some of her work.

Friday 4 April 2008

Aspiring House Cleaner

Ethan sure has taken a liking to house cleaning. We've concluded that he gets this virtue from Mummy and not from Daddy. The other day when the vacuum cleaner was off and on the floor he walked over and started vacuuming the floor. Way to go Ethan! And with jazz in the background too...

Then this morning Daddy was in the kitchen making his breakfast. He reached up spilled some powder so I had to get the broom. Ethan watched intently as I cleaned up the mess then after I was done, quickly grabbed the broom and proceeded to sweep not only the kitchen but the living room for a good 10 minutes! Good job son!

Now we know why people have 10 children.

Thursday 3 April 2008

Snow in Japan

On the last couple of days we went to a ski slope where there was still snow in the spring season. We stayed at a little pensione (like a bed and breakfast) and this was the view outside our bedroom.

It was just 3 minutes to the slopes, so we went there the next morning and made sure Ethan was warm enough. We had most of the gear for him already except for sunglasses and mitts (no gloves cos he's too small) which we got for just $13 each at the ski-shop. This is also the first time that Ethan kept sunglasses on, which is good cos he really needed them with the glare off the snow.

All this high altitude stuff was tiring, so everyone had a nice nap after lunch. This was why we chose a place only 3 minutes walk away!

We went back in the afternoon and rejoined the "snow park" for which we bought 500 Yen tickets to. It's specially for kids, with gentle slopes, and a covered travellator that goes up the slope! Since Ethan is still too young to learn to ski (min 3 years old) we went sledding instead!

He loved the action but Daddy had to brake using his feet which caused the snow to fly up into Ethan's face which he didn't like so much...

Wednesday 2 April 2008

Maccha Ice Cream

You are witnessing Ethan's very first taste of ice-cream... and it's green tea ice-cream in Japan! The first bite kind of surprised him, and we weren't sure whether he'd like the taste especially cos it's not that sweet with the green tea flavour. But after thinking about it for a bit, he loved it and kept coming back for more.

This all happened in a quaint little town near the base of Mt Fuji. Though things were brown and not green, it was still very lovely.

Tuesday 1 April 2008

New Cousin!

Our Sydney trip was all started, of course, by the arrival of Ethan's cousin. Here's a lovely pic of Josie with mummy Ruth. Both sisters and cousins look very happy and contented!

Ivan got to cuddle a newborn baby again. It made us remember when Ethan was this small... actually Ethan was much smaller than Josie. It also made us think of what it would be like having another one. Now our second baby is on the way and soon it will be a reality.