Sunday 29 July 2007

Bus Ride

Ethan had his first SBS Bus Ride last Thursday (his actual first bus ride was at Sentosa a month ago). It was Daddy's day off but Mummy had to work so off she went in the morning while the guys spent time together. After behaving well and a lovely nap, the boys decided to surprise Mummy so instead of waiting for her to come pick us up we took the bus to Mummy's office!

It's nice and easy cos the 66 goes straight from our home to BRMC. Both boys got rather hot waiting for the bus though, and Dad had to figure out how to hold baby, carry stroller and baby bag, and tap EZ Link cards while getting on and off. Phew! It was fun and Ethan loved all the new sights and sounds. He almost liked it as much as Mummy did when we surprised her!

blurred photo taken with one hand on moving bus while steadying wriggly baby

Wednesday 25 July 2007

Sleep Routines

It's been a joy watching Ethan growing and learning how to do new things every other week. However with his greater awareness of the world around and a growing ability to control it, he has also acquired the ability to keep himself awake through sheer willpower (and the insatiable desire to play play play!) Being awake is just so much more fun than sleeping, and here he is 45 minutes after being put down for his nap and looking as bright as a lark!

So far nap times have required a of patience and there are times when we fall asleep before he does! Still, we are persevering in trying to get Ethan into a morning and afternoon nap routine, as it is likely to get harder the older and more active he gets.

We are still trying to figure out how best to work the routine, but here are a few things we learnt that Ethan likes at bed/nap times :
  • a bottle of warm milk seems to calm him while helping him feel full and comfortable
  • his nappy blanket which he likes for us to 'tuck, tuck, tuck' him into
  • a calming song (sometimes he sings along!)
  • his pacifier (although we try to use it as a last resort)
  • a quiet and boring environment (so there is less incentive to stay awake)

Do share any sleep tips that have worked for you -- we would love to hear your suggestions!

He's just fallen asleep behind me about 1 hour after I first put him down -- Peace on Earth at last!!

Wednesday 18 July 2007

Strangers Keep Touching Me!

It's universally known that babies bring people's guards down and everyone will warm to a cute and smiling baby. Yet, it's funny how in western countries people will coo at the baby and talk to you while in Singapore people will talk to the baby and completely ignore the parents. In fact it's common that strangers will look at Ethan, talk to him, and even touch him without even a single look at us! We have gone from surprised to amused at this phenomenon...

It is especially funny at restaurants when the people repeatedly walk by and furtively brush their hands against his legs. Or they look at him for a long time and just before leaving they very quickly walk up and stretch out their hand to tickle his tummy. It all happens too fast for mum and dad to do anything but laugh and ponder this Singaporean phenomenon! Ethan thinks it's all normal...he doesn't know that strangers find him irresistable!

Tuesday 17 July 2007

Swimming is Fun

It's been a few weeks since we've been swimming so last Sunday off we went to the pool. Ethan's taking to the water well, becoming a little more confident each time. On this occasion he splashed and kicked lots more as he's now much stronger. He got water all over his face doing this but didn't mind too much. I don't think he's ready to put his head under water any time soon though...

He seemed to like being in Daddy's arms more than being in his boat however. He kept trying to peer out and even climb out to get back into that lovely looking water! Very brave, but defintely not ready yet.

Of course, Ethan always loves being on Daddy's shoulders where he gets a fistful of hair as well as a whole new perspective on the world. We do this a lot when going out now cos Ethan can sit up better, but Daddy still needs to hold onto his shoulder or his torso for safety.

Monday 16 July 2007


Just over 3 months ago we figured that Ethan was allergic to milk -- after a reaction when we tried giving him formula. Interestingly his persistent rash also disappeared when Mummy stopped taking milk and dairy products as it seemed to be coming through the breastmilk too! Our doctor advised that we continue avoiding dairy products for 3 months to give Ethan's body a chance to develop further before trying again. Good advice...although that meant that Ethan had to have a Hypoallergenic formula (which tastes much less appealing than regular formula!) and that Mummy had to forego all manner of chocolates, ice-cream, a multitude of desserts as well as her favourite fix of teh-tarik!!

So it was good news all round when we returned to formula this week and Ethan was fine! Teh-tarik never tasted so good!

If you look very carefully, you will be able to see Ethan's first little teeth erupting in this picture.

Friday 13 July 2007

Looking Back

I was looking back at some older photos and videos and I found these... this is Ethan and Daddy having a grand time together at the McCafe in West Coast Park a few weeks ago. We certainly looked pleased to be with each other!

And 2 months ago, Ethan looked like this! It's amazing to look at these videos and see how he has developed and grown in this short period of time.

Thursday 12 July 2007

Cute Baby Laughs can never get enough of a baby's laughter. We sure feel fortunate cos Ethan is such a happy and bubbly little boy. Though he has a few favourites that always seem to bring on the smiles, different things tickle him more at different times. He used to find the phrase "Winnie the Pooh" always worthy of a belly rumbling laugh, but no longer. Here is finding Daddy's popping sounds rather amusing...

Wednesday 11 July 2007

First Bites

Ethan first little teeth are beginning to show. We're giving him various things to chew and bite on to experience all these new feelings he's having. He concentrates on and carefully checks each thing that he get's hold of...including this big juicy apple!

Tuesday 10 July 2007

Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch is one of our favourite spots when we want to treat ourselves to nice beef. After you make sure that your baby can't reach the sizzling hot plates cooking the beef, it's a nice play for Ethan too. Daddy thinks the best deal is the $7.80 beef and pepper rice. Forego the drink set for an extra dollar cos they have help-yourself ice cold water in the restaurant.

Ethan liked spending time with us too. Especially now at mealtimes since he sits in a highchair next to us and it really feels like a family affair! After dinner, he had a squealing good time in the restaurant being hoisted onto Daddy's shoulders!

Monday 9 July 2007

Baby Contest Semi Finals

Ethan's made it to the Semi-Finals of the Best Breastfed Baby Contest! It was held yesterday at IMM and was quite a babies galore with lots of babies, baby goods, anxious parents and for Ethan -- a few new friends! Here we are with new friend, Isaiah (10 mths) while waiting to be judged. He had to do a few simple tasks like grabbing various objects offered while Mummy had to answer some questions about his feeding details and development. Results will be out in 2 weeks if he makes it to the Finals -- fingers crossed!!

After coming home, Ethan had a real good afternoon sleep on his favourite place - Mummy and Daddy's Big Bed. Phew... it's tiring being this cute!

Friday 6 July 2007

Morning Cappucino

Ethan was so happy this morning! In fact, he hasn't cried yet... Sigh, though there is good and bad news in all of this. The good news is that Daddy set a record last night putting him to bed without much fuss in only 30 min. But the bad news is that he woke up 6 times in the night. Mummy is very tired cos she woke up for most of them in the wee hours of the morning.

However this morning he was so happy that Daddy made his cappucino after Ethan's breakfast but before his bath. We were hanging out together, and when Ethan saw the cappucino he had a huge grin on his face and let out many chortles! Here he is trying to get a taste of that yummy smelling drink. We have a barista in the making...

Thursday 5 July 2007

PlayPen Fun

We have brought out the playpen and placed it in our living room. Unfortunately it takes up almost all the space we have, but Ethan is getting more mobile and the mat on the floor is not safe anymore cos he's rolled off and hit his head on the floor before. So far, he seems quite happy with the fun l'il place he has to his own.

The video looks dark in the preview, but it lightens up quickly. A bit lower quality than usual, cos Daddy accidentally left the video on the wrong setting!

Wednesday 4 July 2007

No Bottle Mummy!

Ethan seems to no longer want his bottle, yearning more for Mummy. This has brought some stress as we are trying to wean and separation anxiety is setting in too. On the bright side, Ethan will drink his milk from a sippy cup or a spoon, so for this morning's breakfast Daddy sat him on his high chair and fed him from the sippy cup. A fair amount got spilt of course, but Ethan had enough and was very happy afterwards!

He then happily played on the big bed with us for a while. When Ethan plays he's VERY focussed on his toys. Looks like Dad on his computer.

Tuesday 3 July 2007

Love That Inhaler

Poor Ethan needs an inhaler. His breathing has been sounding "chesty" and Dr Chang Li Lian said he should have one. No surprise since his Dad had asthma when young too. The BIG SURPRISE was how well he took to the inhaler. At the doctor's office he very calmly accepted the aero-chamber and breathed in very well. Normally, kids fight aero-chambers fiercely! Dr Chang said that he's one of the best... no, the best one she's seen for taking the inhaler when so young!

Even more amazing was that over the next few days he actually LIKES the inhaler. He grabs for it and pulls it towards his mouth. After the first dose, he bounces up and down and reaches for it for the second dose! The kid is getting high!

Here is also checking out it's operation and construction. Looks like he's almost figured out how to work it, but he won't have the strength to push it for a long time...

Monday 2 July 2007

Mr Mischevious

Ethan's looking extra mischevious in his bath today. Look at him grinning and having a fine time with his bath toys.

We introduced his fishing net toy to him today. He's managed to grab it but doesn't know yet that he's supposed to scoop up his bath toys in it. Daddy placed Mr Octopus nicely in this net for the good photo opportunity!