Tuesday 29 September 2009

Gong Gong's Birthday

Gong Gong had a special birthday celebration last month and Aunty Ruth and Josie came all the way from Australia to celebrate!
Talia was on her best behaviour and sat with Gong Gong for a looooong time devouring a yummy peach with all of her 2 new teeth!
After polishing off a great lunch by Por Por, all the kids got down to super fun and a grand time playing with all the cousins.
Daddy had fun cuddling the little uns too!
It was a really memorable time with all of the family taking time to be together. Ethan still misses Josie and still asks "Where is Josie?" when we gather as a family!

Monday 28 September 2009

Daddy is in School

The time has come and Daddy is standing on the green Kentucky grass on Asbury Theological Seminary's campus. Behind me are the apartments where 8 of us in my cohort live. We come from 8 different countries representing 5 continents. In front me is the building housing the programs and classes that are the reason for our being here. The Beeson International Center for Biblical Preaching and Church Leadership

I'm here alone for the next 6 weeks, away from family for slightly longer than that as I meet other churches here in the US. Pray not only for me but also for Renata, Ethan and Talia back home!

Sunday 27 September 2009

Want to Wash the Car Daddy?

One of Ethan's favourite activities is to wash the car with his daddy. He's getting quite good at it though he still needs help pointing the powerful water hose and sometimes soaps up the car after I have already dried it!

After washing the car he always wants to taste the fruits of his labour with his favourite Dad. "We drive the car now Daddy!" After a day of washing the car it will usually score highly on his list of what to thank Jesus for that day.

Saturday 12 September 2009

Bath Buddies

Like most babies, Ethan and Talia love their bath times. It's not just about getting clean -- it's a whole other sensory experience that includes lots of happy splashing and feeling the freedom from clingy clothes and cumbersome diapers wearing only your skin! It's also a great time of bonding intimately with the important people in your life.
Talia enjoys regular bathtimes with her favourite Daddy but a few weeks ago, she had her first bath with Ethan! As you can see, Ethan seems to have been the happier of the two since it was like a reunion with his old bathtub (now Talia's) since he graduated from it more than a year ago!
Although Talia wasn't thrilled with having to share her bath with Ethan, she seems to have warmed up to having a new bath buddy once in a while and I'm sure this won't be the last you will see of them sharing baths on this blog!

Thursday 10 September 2009

A Grand Time

Talia has been such a sweetie and is so loving to her daddy recently. With the morning off we are now in Vivo City. Ethan is playing outside with mummy while Talia is napping on her favourite daddy who is enjoying iced frappucino on this warm day! There is nothing quite like having a calm and trusting baby fall asleep on you. Ladies passing by are glancing with "awwww...." looks too! :)