Wednesday 30 May 2007

Phuket Without Bubs!

We didn't blog about it earlier, but a few weeks ago we had a romantic 4D3N getaway to Phuket without Ethan. He stayed with Renata's parents and we almost cried when we left him in the early morning. We told him that it's actually for his own good that mummy and daddy spend time alone together.

The first day felt very strange and free... no baby to constantly think about. We enjoyed the freedom and missed him all at the same time. We stayed at this lovely and very reasonable place called Naithonburi Beach Resort . We love to go in the cheap off-season so they only had a few guests.

Renata hasn't ridden on Ivan's bike since getting pregnant, but we rented a scooter on one of the days. This fun little automatic scooter cost us about SGD$12 for 1 full day. Renata even tried riding it all by herself - first time on scooter!

Then Ivan took over and the 2 of us roamed the Phuket coast line taking a long ride up and down hilly roads, stopping at shopping places and roadside pad-thai in order to get to this snazzy restaurant that was well-rated. It's called Ratri Restaurant at Kata beach and the food was absolutely fantastic! Not cheap by Phuket standards, but neither very pricey at about SGD$30/pax and one of the most memorable taste sensations we've ever had! They have live jazz playing there too, but they weren't on that particular day we were there. It was great nonetheless.

On another day we took a snorkelling excursion. It's been years since either of us have been snorkelling and it was very fun. When we stopped at one island we were caught in a very blustery rain-storm for 20 min which quickly passed and we were on our way again. That's why it's off-season and our rooms and excursions were so cheap!

We had a great time in Phuket, spending lots of time with each other and forming new memories that weave us together. Ethan will enjoy a stronger family for it, so though we missed him we would definitely do it again if possible ... thanks grandparents! Ethan took to our excursion quite well, though on the last day he began missing us and wanted to go "home". The smart little baby communicated this by leaning towards the bedroom door indicating that he wanted to go out, then strained towards the stairs, then leaned toward the front door of the house, and reached out for our car. When he saw that the car was empty he settled down, realizing that he had to wait one more day for mummy and daddy to come home!

Monday 28 May 2007

Music Appreciation

Ethan's been sharing our love of music in his own way. He enjoys cooling off in just his nappy and shirt and listening to the cool sounds of Mummy's Louis Armstrong Jazz CD (definitely much more complex than his own Counting Songs CD!)

Another favourite is his keyboard on which he can belt out his own tunes in addition to the ditties that Mummy and Daddy keep making up to add colour to his day!

Tuesday 22 May 2007

Morning Games

After his morning bath, Ethan goes back into his bed for a few minutes while his bath is readied for him. Nowadays, he prefers to sit up rather than lie down so he usually plays with his musical keyboard while getting some back support from his portable sofa. Though he can stay seated on his own, he somtimes topples over and can't get himself back up yet!
On the back wall you can see some pictures that we put up to make his bedroom nook a little more fun...

Monday 21 May 2007

Enjoying Toys

Soooo cute! Ethan is enjoying his toys more and more each day as his brain develops and skills improve. It's all very pleasing to watch him grow!

Sunday 20 May 2007

Gobbling Bananas


One of Ethan's favourite new foods is bananas. He gets it mixed in with his rice cereal and it sure makes everything yummy and sweet. We often pack his dinner when we do our dinner and grocery outings. One of our favourites places is IMM Jurong (but only on weekdays when it's not so crowded). Ethan enjoys his dinner and is a very good gobbler, finishing all his food so that Mummy and Daddy can enjoy some couple time over their meal later.

Saturday 19 May 2007

Little Boy

Renata took this picture a few weeks ago when Ruth came over to visit from Australia. She had a great time with her nephew. Both of them look so happy! Ethan looks more like a little boy than a baby in this photo. I think it's a sneak preview into his future toddler years.

Wednesday 9 May 2007

First Flu

The flu bug has been going around and it looks like Ethan is experiencing the first of what will probably be a number of childhood sniffles to come. He had been having congested breathing for a few days but we were alerted to the possibility of a developing flu when Ah Mah noticed a fever while holding him on monday. Must have shared my flu with him because his cough sounds suspiciously like mine!

Saturday 5 May 2007

Non-XO Fish

We went to our favourite fish bee hoon joint in Clementi on Thursday. We always order the normal non-XO dish cos it's cheaper and you can still taste the XO! Ethan had carrots which if gobbled while strangers walked by and reached in to touch him at lightning speeds too fast for parents to stop.

Tuesday 1 May 2007

Family Fun Day

Today was Family Fun Day at WEFC and we all trooped to Woodlands Stadium for some telematch games with the church family. Daddy did some running around while Mummy and Ethan watched, cheered, and laughed from the sidelines at all the silly antics going on.

Someone soon got tired and cranky then fell soundly asleep... Though Ethan was too young for any of the games, he showed a very good sense of style even in his sleeping poses. Relaxed and stylish all in one go.