Thursday 18 January 2007

Self Comfort

Ethan is realising that mummy can't be with him 100% of the time as she also needs to do things around the house, go to work and have some time to rest too! So he is learning how to administer Self Comfort by sucking his thumb and stroking his own head. Its his first step towards independence in this big and sometimes confusing world that he is learning to make sense of and we are proud of his little achievement. Happy sucking, son!

Monday 15 January 2007

Super Eye Lashes

Ethan's growing quite a set of eyes - nice double eyelids and long eyelashes! I waited till his afternoon nap to capture this pic of His Cuteness.

Sunday 14 January 2007

End of 24.7

Ivan's finished the 24.7 Prayer Week at his church. This morning we went to visit The People's Bible Church (TPBC) who are continuing the unceasing prayer in Singapore for 365 days! After the service, Ivan dropped off Renata and Ethan at home before going back to WEFC. But first we stopped at Adam Road Hawker Centre.

Ethan's been really good recently - except for not wanting to take the bottle. He was very happy taking it from birth but recently has become a bit fussy, wanting Mummy at feed times. The funny schedule last week with Ivan going in and out during 24.7 Prayer probably confused the poor baby too! But he must get used to the bottle again as Renata is back to part-time work so Ethan must be able to drink happily at the grandparent's homes!

He's a real charmer, but look out when he's on a crying spree! Gosh...

Friday 12 January 2007

Daddy's Home

Ethan's been missing his Daddy since he left for the Urbana Conference and is glad he is home! The boys have been enjoying warm baths and afternoon naps on the comfy sofa. Mummy is glad too. It was a little tough being home alone and having to transition to starting work again but thank God for our supportive parents who have made it a lot easier!

Wednesday 10 January 2007

Pepper Lunch

We're having nice family time at Pepper Lunch today. Ivan's been busy at church with 24.7 Prayer this week so we have had less time together. He left at 5.30am but came back bathe Ethan before going for our family lunch. Renata is getting back into part-time work routine and also into her pre-pregnancy pants!

Monday 1 January 2007

Happy New Year

Ethan looks very happy at home even though Daddy is on the other side of the world! Ivan has just finished Urbana06 and is preparing to fly home soon. He will arrive just after midnight on 3 Jan, so Ethan will be taking a late night drive to the airport to see his Daddy. Ivan had a great time teaching, ministering, and receiving at Urbana, but is missing home with Renata and Ethan. See you soon my son!