Saturday 30 April 2011

Talia's Brompton Ride

Talia got an early Saturday morning at East Coast Park on Daddy's Brompton with Goo Ma and friends! It was a special Daddy-Daughter outing while Ethan went to Ah Ma's house for the morning. Daddy is particularly pleased with the DIY seat that fits Talia so well and the fact that the kids took to doing separate things without fuss. Talia was very quiet and sleepy the whole ride but otherwise seemed to enjoy the experience. The best part is the increased "Daddy, I love you!" exclamations and signs of affection I got showered with afterwards.

Friday 8 April 2011

School Together

Talia has started School this year!

Up till now, she had to watch longingly while her brother trooped off to an exciting place called School with Mummy or Daddy while she got left behind. This year she can happily join her brother, while he, of course is pleased with the new company with whom he can now travel with! Here they are on their first day of school.

Of course, things changed once Talia got to school and realized they would be in different classes! She started crying when Ethan went off to his class....and was quite inconsolable for a long time.... It was pretty heartbreaking to see her cry so much especially since most of her other classmates seemed so much calmer! The inevitable "I'm a bad mother" guilt trips & "what could I have done better" thoughts that every mum goes through was emotionally draining but with Ivan's calming effect, we persevered and tried to make school mornings as fun as possible, and by the end of the week, the tears had pretty much cleared up! Phew!

Wasn't able to take many photos of Talia in her first week as she was crying through most of it, but here are a couple of happy moments in that difficult week!