Tuesday 29 June 2010

Friends of the Zoo

We are now Friends of the Zoo! And so is Goo Ma too! This means we get to go to the Zoo unlimited times for a year. It's a great place for a family outing and the kids love going there. We also get free tram rides on weekdays which is great on the legs and lots of fun for the kids!

There's nothing like getting up close to the animals and here they are happily watching the turtles swimming in the tank......

Talia was thrilled to see the monkeys, butterflies and bats in the rainforest enclosure.......most of the butterflies she had seen before were on the pages of her books!

And here's the latest addition to the zoo's impressive bat collection!

Of course the main highlight of most kids visiting the Zoo has got to be the water playground! It's one of the best water playgrounds around and no one ever gets tired of it. Here is Talia flashing a spunky grin before changing up into her swimsuit for a splashing good time.....

Our Friends of the Zoo card gets us a discount on the F&B outlets there too. Look how far a little Ben & Jerries goes in making a holiday feel complete!

Thursday 24 June 2010

Father & Sons of the Zoo

We're having a great time at the zoo this afternoon. I roused a sleepy little boy from his post-lunch nap to bring him here. We watched the elephant show, rode the tram and played in the water playground. After the water fun, I bought popcorn chicken for him and he said, "Mmmm... Yummy food!" about 5 times while eating it. He was so happy, and he didn't even know i was saving the french fries for last...

Just before i took this picture of us he was sitting in my lap, turned to look up at me and said, "I like daddy time with me." it was so sweet and solicited that I asked him to repeat it just to make sure I wasn't imagining things!

Sunday 13 June 2010

Lots of Learning

We sometimes don't really know what Ethan does at school (he's still in nursery class) and often wonder what he actually gets out of spending so much time there as he can't really tell us what he is learning and we only get to meet his teachers & see his work much later in the term. Sometime, though, we do get clues into some significant progress in his learning progress -- here is a funny clip of Ethan breaking out exuberantly into a recent Chinese song he learnt from school......

While he was in the mood, he also discussed some of the recent Mathematical skills he had accomplished. Quite entertaining.......maybe we can get him to tutor his sister too!