Wednesday 28 November 2007

Baby Onigiri

Was in the mood for experimenting with new foods for Ethan, so I tried making Baby Onigiri (rice balls)! Quite an interesting first try -- managed to get them to the size of a teaspoon and Ethan was able to eat them in 2 bites! Made some with fish fillings and some plain ones. They made good travel food and Ethan polished all of them off by mid morning!

Friday 23 November 2007

Captivating Esplanade

Yesterday we went to the Esplanade for a late afternoon outing and Ethan sure loved the new sights! There were these cool colourful hanging thingies... kind of like his mobile at home, but a more grown-up verson. Daddy to sat on the grass with him and while they hung out together, the colourful danglies hung just low enough for Ethan to stand up and play with them.

And stand he did! In fact, it was his most stable performance to date - more than 10 seconds per session as he balanced, wiggled, and showed us that the shoes we bought for him were a more than worthy investment.

We spent a long time sitting by the water's edge. Ethan really liked the view and we even ate cotton candy! Someone got his first taste, albeit very tiny, of sweet candy...

It was really nice to have our own little family outing!

What a fabulous day by all! Everyone enjoyed themselves and it was good value for money too: $2 parking + $1 cotton candy + $12 dinner at Marina Square's new Loft food court (great chicken curry mee)! The best thing were the memories of Ethan enjoying his time with the view and these photos capturing his fascination. The beach will be an upcoming destination in the near future...

Tuesday 13 November 2007

Rubber Time

Ethan never fails to be enthralled by his rubber sea urchin toy. Here he is entertaining himself with various permutations of elasticity after polishing off his lunch macaroni! We like the rubber toy too -- it gives us a few precious minutes to enjoy our lunch before someone gets restless again!

The Boys

Ethan loves hanging out with his Daddy and they often have a screaming good time together. (In fact he is screaming "Deh deh deh" excitedly as he peeks through the cot while I'm blogging now!) He is certainly losing his 'baby' looks and becoming more and more like a little boy now! This week we found him standing all on his own in the middle of our bedroom for quite a while--looks like he'll be toddling around very soon!

Sunday 4 November 2007

Eating on the Run

Ethan's milestone of turning one means that we can now adjust our modus operandi and do more things with him. One activity he enjoys since Gong Gong first started him on it a couple of months back is going shopping from the bird's eye view of a trolley!

Last week after buying a load of groceries we decided to grab a bite of lunch in the newly renovated food area outside the supermarket at Plaza Singapura. Unfortunately most of them were more like Take Away outlets -- and so the ever-useful shopping trolley became a high chair as well!