Monday 22 February 2010

Best Friends

At bedtime last night, Ethan asked in the sweetest most earmest voice :"Mummy, can you be my best friend?.......I want you to be my best friend..."

I was totally disarmed by such cuteness lovingly directed toward me and just had to cuddle this cute and loving creature......sigh....! Of course I could be his 'best friend', and was almost driven to tears that he had asked me......even though I knew that he probably didn't know what a 'best friend' really meant! But hearing that from Ethan after coming out of a hectic few weeks with a number of things weighing on my mind, it was like finding a jewel in the most unexpected places.....

The best things in life are often the most simple & childlike ones. Its a wonderful thing to be able to see this world through the eyes of our kids. I love you son, much much!