Sunday 25 May 2008

Birthday Party

No, it's not Ethan's birthday but Kelly's, Ethan's cousin (actually their daddys are cousins). This was Ethan's first kiddies party, so he was younger than most of the kids but being there was great for him cos he watched all the others and learned valuable lessons on how to play!

A little magic show entertained the kiddies, and Ethan clapped and raised his hands on cue following all the other kids! He hasn't figured it all out yet but he sure knows it's fun!

Friday 23 May 2008

Slave Baby

This cute baby was found cleaning windows, boxes, and balcony railings... and wearing only a loincloth too!

Monday 19 May 2008

Henderson Bridge Walk

We took Ethan on the Henderson Waves bridge walk recently. It was a public holiday and half of Singapore was there. Squeezing into a parking lot that wasn't really a parking lot at Telok Blangah we made our way up the steep path to the beginning of the Henderson Waves bridge.

It was rather hot but a beautiful day so we made our way down towards the cable car towers. The bridge really is lovely with its organic flowing lines and wooden deck. It's a great place for the kids to explore and enjoy too. Mummy did superbly well and was able to keep a good healthy pace now being 4.5 months pregnant.

We finally made it to the cable car towers, enjoyed 2 cokes and more nice views but we didn't take any pictures there. We let Ethan walk a little on the way back and he loved the scenery. He and Daddy looked great together in their matching hats!

Sunday 18 May 2008

Little Chef

Someone has a tendency to clamour to watch the action when Mummy or Daddy are cooking in the kitchen. We often try to buy some time & space by giving Ethan his own utensils to play with but his favourite so far seems to be our South African Salad Bowl which looks a lot like the wok Mummy was frying up dinner in! We hope he learns to savour the joy and art of combining various ingredients and making them zing with his imagination and lots of love like his Mummy, Daddy & Grandma do!

Saturday 17 May 2008

Children's Garden at Botanics

We had a really good outing at the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden at the Botanic Gardens recently. Actually, we only made it as far as the water play station. There was plenty more but that was more than enough for us. It is really a fantastic place and we were the only the Asians there... all the other families were Caucasians!

Daddy got wet together with Ethan who got really wet. His big Ethan Cap worked really well cos not only did it protect his face from the harsh sun, it also protected his eyes from too much water splashing in.

Ethan played with the water cans and a little bit with the other kids but he was more engrossed with the water. We realized that this is actually more fun for him than the swimming pool cos he can move aorund a lot more here. Our little boy really enjoyed himself!

Thursday 15 May 2008

Latte Lover

Ethan has been a regular fan of Daddy's barista aspirations. He runs to the kitchen and stares whenever he hears the grinder going and stays to watch the final milk pour. I've been giving him bits of frothed milk previously, so this morning I decided to make him his own! Of course, it's not a cappucino but a coacacino - Ethan's very own mini cocoa latte!

Left to Right: Daddy's Cappucino, Ethan's Cocoacino

So how did Ethan like it? We took a few videos, selected the two best and stitched them together. Absolutely a must-see! Look for the wiggles of delight and turn on your sound to hear a toddler's appreciate aaaahhh!. This is one of our favourites of our fine food loving son!