Thursday 20 March 2008

Ashmar Farm Stay

One of the things we did while in Australia was to go on a farm stay. Ashmar Farm is near Gloucester, a small town about 2.5 hours north of Sydney. This was the first time on a farm for father and son! The cottage we stayed in was absolutely lovely. Ethan explored the whole house when we first got there and when we showed him his room (yes, he had his own room) he smiled and clapped his hands in approval!
The next day we all went for hay ride. Farmer Ian pulled us along in his tractor while we sat on bales of hay. Ethan was mesmerized with the views of huge open spaces and greenery all around.
There were all sorts of animals on the farm, including these parrots. Ethan was a bit scared of some of the animals, although he was fascinated by the newly hatched ducklings. Though he was a tad young for the full farm experience, it was wonderful memories for our little family.

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