Thursday, 3 April 2008

Snow in Japan

On the last couple of days we went to a ski slope where there was still snow in the spring season. We stayed at a little pensione (like a bed and breakfast) and this was the view outside our bedroom.

It was just 3 minutes to the slopes, so we went there the next morning and made sure Ethan was warm enough. We had most of the gear for him already except for sunglasses and mitts (no gloves cos he's too small) which we got for just $13 each at the ski-shop. This is also the first time that Ethan kept sunglasses on, which is good cos he really needed them with the glare off the snow.

All this high altitude stuff was tiring, so everyone had a nice nap after lunch. This was why we chose a place only 3 minutes walk away!

We went back in the afternoon and rejoined the "snow park" for which we bought 500 Yen tickets to. It's specially for kids, with gentle slopes, and a covered travellator that goes up the slope! Since Ethan is still too young to learn to ski (min 3 years old) we went sledding instead!

He loved the action but Daddy had to brake using his feet which caused the snow to fly up into Ethan's face which he didn't like so much...

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