Saturday, 17 May 2008

Children's Garden at Botanics

We had a really good outing at the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden at the Botanic Gardens recently. Actually, we only made it as far as the water play station. There was plenty more but that was more than enough for us. It is really a fantastic place and we were the only the Asians there... all the other families were Caucasians!

Daddy got wet together with Ethan who got really wet. His big Ethan Cap worked really well cos not only did it protect his face from the harsh sun, it also protected his eyes from too much water splashing in.

Ethan played with the water cans and a little bit with the other kids but he was more engrossed with the water. We realized that this is actually more fun for him than the swimming pool cos he can move aorund a lot more here. Our little boy really enjoyed himself!

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