Friday, 28 November 2008

A (Rare) Quiet Night

Talia has started getting a little difficult to settle at nights this last week and we have had to walk and rock her for most of the evening as she goes into intermittent sleep often waking the moment we lay her on the bed! We recall something similar with Ethan sometime in his second month as well but as we were so sleep deprived neither of us has any clear memory of it....

I am now slowly able to 'decode' our little girl's internal logic and I think its probably a case of being overtired in the night after not being able to get a long sleep earlier in the evening. With two kids in the house now, evenings tend to be "all hands on deck" time as Ethan sometimes chucks tantrums in order to get a reprieve from bedtime or Mummy's 100% attention. Unfortunately both kids tend to bounce off each other's crying and Talia ends up getting woken, while Ethan's cries of protest intensify with the additional crying!

So I am enjoying the RARE event tonight when BOTH of them settled peacefully followed by what looks like a good sleep (fingers crossed!) Let's hope this happens more often in the weeks ahead!!

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