Thursday, 25 June 2009

Water Park at Sembawang

It was a great day at the water park in Sembawang Shopping Centre for all! Ethan and Talia thoroughly enjoyed themselves and got dripping wet at this fantastic playground. It is less boisterous than the one at IMM and it has food and drink shops just next door where parents can sit and order grub.

It was one of the first few times that Talia really got herself drenched going in and out of the water sprays. Ethan was much more cautious than she is now at that age. We have always known that Ethan loves to play with water but Talia really LOOOVES the water.

We ate steak, chicken wings and french fries at the open air Astons and drank milk tea from the Hong Kong tea really feels like one is on holiday! Amazing that the park is all free, the food is cheap, there is lots of cool air-con shops when you get tired and street side parking nearby is free if you can find it! The only thing missing is warm towels and a changing room!

Talia had such fun time with her Mummy and Daddy!

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