Saturday, 30 January 2010

Fly Me to the Moon

Talia is getting much more regular in her sleeping patterns as she crossed the 1 year mark, and has now been sleeping well through the night and longer at nap times. This is such a relief because everyone else can also sleep better too! (You will notice how few sleeping photos we have of Talia -- its because she is such a light sleeper and often wakes when we go in to take pictures!) In recent weeks we have even been able to leave her in her room while she is still awake to "fly to the moon on her own"!! This has been our elusive dream for the last 13 months......
We were even able to put her to sleep in the same room as Ethan with some success for some time. Unfortunately this seemed to fall apart after we went to KL for a short holiday and they have since had to sleep seperately........ Meanwhile we are hoping they will get better and be able to share a room sometime soon.

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