Sunday, 23 May 2010

Our New Home!

We have a new home! After months of dreaming, talking, planning and hard work we are finally settled into our very own special place! Ethan had been looking forward to having his very own ceiling fan in his room and he proudly shows it to everyone he gets to show to his room. The kids also now enjoy their very own little table where they love to do their 'cooking', colouring and snacking. Its really cute to see them entertain their own buddies in their own corner having little tea and dinner parties there too!
It's hard work being a pre-schooler these days so Daddy has lovingly set up their own little computer corner (yes -- that's their own recycled computer complete with Skype capabilities!) right next to Mummy's. Here they are engaged in a computer puzzle that is keeping them very busy!
But their favourite place is probably their new bedroom which they now share and seem to have quite a happy co-existence in. Here is Ethan in a rare moment of affectionate passion with new roommate Talia, who is similarly thrilled with the new bedtime company...... Although there are challenges with having two young 'uns trying to settle into a restful state in the same room, there have also been sweet moments like one evening when Talia suddenly started crying after a loud & nasty motorcycle went by. I wasn't sure what she was disturbed about but her perceptive brother gently informed me that "Mummy, Talia cried because the motorcycle was noisy".
They now love their Story Times together and the routine seems to calm them. This is followed by a race to be the first to climb into their own beds, a soothing milk drink served in a cute dog cup and the happy 'tuck tuck tuck' into their blankets.
They say moving house is a very stressful experience but we are thankful that the kids seem to have adjusted well and are loving their new home......

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