Monday, 9 May 2011

Tender Heart

Did you know a little boy can get so sad thinking about missing his Daddy that he throws up? Indeed these sheets look clean now but a short while ago...

We were having a nice bedtime, finished reading, and lying in Daddy's bed waiting for Talia to fall asleep in the kids room. I had earlier told Ethan that Daddy was going to East Timor next week and that I would miss him very much. After a long silence Ethan mournfully said, "I will miss you Dad," and a distressed sadness came over his face. His eyes were glistening and the edges of his mouth drooped down. "Ethan, are you sad?" He nodded as tears dripped down his cheeks. I hugged him and he began weeping, then coughing, then all of a sudden I was covered in penne, cheddar cheese, beef, tomatoes and once roasted vegetables that didn't smell nearly as good as it had 2 hours earlier! What a tender heart...hope he'll be okay while I am away!

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