Sunday, 28 August 2011

Darling Daughter's Daddy Day

It was our first extended Daddy Daughter Day outing. We had been out alone for a couple of goes before but this was to be a longer outing at the beach in Sentosa making use of our new Islander family membership.

The great thing about the Sentosa train is it's just one stop away from our home on the NE Line and we can bring daddy's Brompton in, complete with Talia's child seat attached.

First we played on the beach. It was great as it is 1 min walk from the foodcourt, showers and toilets. Talia could play in the sand me I could drink my morning "teh" and rest on a beach mat both under the shade of a tree on the beach!

After playing in the sand and splashing in the waves, Talia got a bit bored cos there were no other kids around. Unfortunately the water feature was closed for cleaning so we went off cycling and stopped to see the birds at Animal Encounters.

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