Friday, 4 May 2012

Pedal Cycling Day One

Ethan got his first pedal bike, a Specialized Hotrock 16 with coaster brakes. Daddy chose this one as it has decent components and an aluminium frame to make it a reasonable weight. Lots of time on his previous balance bike has made my cycling son adept at balancing so we started his bike riding career with no training wheels and he has taken to it very well. After a bit of practice of how to get started he is doing very well. This ride is after about half an hour of practice and no falls! Daddy sure is proud!


Carl and Jan said...

Well done Ethan! :) Just wondering where you got the bike from. Ordered online? Or from a bike shop in Singapore? Thinking of getting one for Samantha :)

Renata Liew said...

We got it from Tay Cycles as they deal in Specialized bikes, from their Bt Timah branch. -- warning it does NOT cost $89 like the Carrefour ones! :)