Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bike Packing

We did it! It's our very first time bike-packing! We have been talking about thhis for some time and Daddy surprised Ethan today, who was so excited about this special outing. 

Daddy has been researching for some time and tomorrow Ethan has no school, so Daddy came home early and after a snack we left home at about 6.30pm. 

The fact that we biked with all our stuff made it all the more exciting! I squeezed a 2 man tent, bedding, clothes and food onto my Brompton. I am so pleased that my huge saddlebag is getting good use too! All the learning and research is paying off!

Our first stop was to put some food into Ethan cos it was kinda late already. So we ate on the park bench at Gardens by the Bay East. "Take a picture Daddy!" requested Ethan. 

Not bad for cycling from home eh? We finished half our pasta and then pressed on toward East Coast Park. By this time it was quite dark and we were moving on mostly sidewalks, so we were slow and careful. Ethan handled his bike very well. We reached East Coast and cycled into Area D where we pitched our tent. fortunately we had a super bright Li-Ion flashlight which even allowed me to take this photo of our seaside haven. 

Of course, it's grainy but our setting really is beautiful. Ethan is having a grand time. We finished our dinner, showered, brushed teeth and bedded down for night. Lots of cuddles and chats and looking forward to Burger King breakfast in the morning!

Ethan is sleeping soundly as I write this. I can hear waves rolling onto the beach. An occasional toot of a ship marks the night. There is only one other tent in sight and the three girls there are quiet. The weather is a cool 27 deg with a chance of rain in the early morning hours. It is fantastic, peaceful, and very comfortable! Why is it so comfortable? Must be that queen sized air mattress with bedsheet that I managed to fit into my Brompton touring bag! :)

It's been great so far. We will definitely do this again. I need a lighter sleeping pad, an alcohol stove to cook on site, and coins for that vending machine nearby! Notes for next time: BYO toilet paper, garbage bag to cover Brompton for security and rain protection, better organize clothes, slightly warmer top, blanket or a sleeping of some kind for Ethan. Temp was a very cool 27 deg. 

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