Saturday, 30 September 2006

Proud Grandparents

Jerry and Pearl with Rare Moment of Ethan Awake

These are the proud grandparents of Ethan. Above are Ivan's parents. Ethan's the first grandchild for Pearl (mum) and the first grandson for Jerry (dad, who has 3 grand-daughters already). Below you can see Renata's parents, Benjamin and Susannah also with their first grandchild. Gosh, Ethan's gonna get doted on. Please pray that he doesn't get spoiled...too much!

Ben and Sue with Ethan Sleeping


Anonymous said...

.."regret to say", but I gotta a feeling Eathen is going to get very very very spoilt!! .. and grandma Pearl (Ah Mah's) Doggies are gonna feel the worst of it..... :)


Ivan & Renata said...

That's why there's gonna be a cot at grandma & grandpa's place to protect Ethan from jealous Pixie and Buster!

Anonymous said...

Ethan will NOT be spoilt, we do not like spoilt kids!! did I spoilt you 4??

The 2 doggies are going to be taught that Ethan is now part of our family and that they will be as much loved as ever before. Just as Pixie had to learn that Buster became part of the family, so will she and Buster have to learn, this time round, there is yet another new member to the family for them to love & protect. Don't worry, things will be fine with some love and patience, have faith in us.

Mah-Mah and Yeah Yeh

Anonymous said...

Ethan ... what a wonderful gift from God! Indeed he is perfect & complete & healthy & wise & happy & handsome!
Renata & Ivan ... Congratulations! Great job!
Renata,... Praise God for yr good health & strength, & for the plentiful flow of milk for Ethan & at such ease too!

Grandma & Grandpa Tan.