Friday, 29 September 2006

Safe and Sound

Ethan was born just after 7am and only 3 hours in the hospital. 2.63kg with full head of hair and eyebrows!

Thanks for your prayers and love. Request family visits only while in the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Renata, you still look like a Gorgeous Babe! Ha-ha... Lotsa cheers, Alicia

Esther said...

Hi Renata !
Congratulations on the birth of Ethan. The photo looks like he's looking at you !

That's a "dream labour" only 3 hours ! I hope I have that one day !

Esther Tan

Anonymous said...

Oh this one melts my heart... Ethan is so so tiny and it is the sweetest look he is giving mommy!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Singapore Ethan! To the proud and happy Parents and Grandparents, well done! Look after the newset family addition. Love and God's Blessing for his new child. Amy and Family