Thursday, 18 January 2007

Self Comfort

Ethan is realising that mummy can't be with him 100% of the time as she also needs to do things around the house, go to work and have some time to rest too! So he is learning how to administer Self Comfort by sucking his thumb and stroking his own head. Its his first step towards independence in this big and sometimes confusing world that he is learning to make sense of and we are proud of his little achievement. Happy sucking, son!

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Anonymous said...

Ethan is sooo cute! Are you ure you are the dad - just kidding :)
I have loved looking at the updates and pictures. In fact, i loved it so much that sam and i started one too! you can see me growing with our little one. I hope you don't mind that i copied you.
Hope you and your beautiful wife and son are happy.
love- Anjuli