Sunday, 14 January 2007

End of 24.7

Ivan's finished the 24.7 Prayer Week at his church. This morning we went to visit The People's Bible Church (TPBC) who are continuing the unceasing prayer in Singapore for 365 days! After the service, Ivan dropped off Renata and Ethan at home before going back to WEFC. But first we stopped at Adam Road Hawker Centre.

Ethan's been really good recently - except for not wanting to take the bottle. He was very happy taking it from birth but recently has become a bit fussy, wanting Mummy at feed times. The funny schedule last week with Ivan going in and out during 24.7 Prayer probably confused the poor baby too! But he must get used to the bottle again as Renata is back to part-time work so Ethan must be able to drink happily at the grandparent's homes!

He's a real charmer, but look out when he's on a crying spree! Gosh...

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