Friday, 15 June 2007

Bath Time with a Growing Baby

Ethan is growing so fast! He's more difficult to handle at bath times now cos he likes to move and splash around a lot. I've had to take out the insert so he sits upright most of the time. He loves to splash Daddy and also likes his bath toys. We keep squirt toys such as Mr Whale, Mr Crab, Mr Dolphin, and Mr Seahorse nearby and he always reaches for them and promptly puts them in his mouth, never letting go until he's out of the bath and on the change table!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Renata,
Remember me? I'm Jaswyn! I was so surprised to see ur son's blog! How are you? I also just delivered a baby boy 2 mths ago. :)
U can contact me at
I just brot my son for 6 in 1 jab today. He's got a temp just above 38 deg, so was chking internet to see if I should give him the paracetemol or should I wait till the temp goes up further. That was how I chanced upon ur son's blog.
Hope to catch up with you again! Your son is so adorable!