Saturday, 23 June 2007


In yet another first, Ethan visited Sentosa, the Dolphin Lagoon and the Underwater World! It was staff and family outing day for Barker Road Methodist Church, so Ivan and Ethan tagged along for the day. First, we all got on the bus. Because of Ethan, everyone insisted we take the front row!

At the Dolphin Lagoon, Ethan got on Dad's shoulders so that he could see all the dolphins putting on their stunts. But Ethan got distracted playing with Daddy's hair and ears. And Renata's friends got distracted by cute l'il Ethan. Some of them took more photos of Ethan than of the dolphins. Quote: He's cuter than the dolphins!

Up close and personal, Ethan was able to appreciate Underwater World much more. We would sit him next to the tanks of big fish and he would stare and stare at them and while reaching out to touch the glass. In the tunnel with the travellator, he was so fascinated that we went around 3 times! Except that whenever we pulled out the camera he would turn away from the fish and stare at the lens instead.


gien said...
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gien said...

appears that Daddy is enjoying the trip more than Ethan, lovely pics of all ;-)