Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Our Anniversary!

Today is our third wedding anniversary! I called Renata this afternoon to tell her that I was extremely pleased to have married such a wonderful wife. Quite a good catch if I do say so myself! It was a rather ordinary day with us rushing to work, then me rushing back to take care of Ethan while Renata went to teach a class at church. Thus marks our 3 years together, and though today was "ordinary", there has been everything wonderful about having a companion who shares your passions in life and who strives to be supportive and sacrificial.

my favourite pic from our wedding album

In just a few more days Ethan will turn 1, which will be quite a celebration for the family! What an action-packed last few years getting married, being in ministry, travelling to so many places, having a wonderful baby boy, and seeing God do so many fantastic things. Really nothing ordinary at all.

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