Monday, 3 September 2007

Sleep Kit

Sleep is an essential part of a baby's life (and Mummy & Daddy's too!). So we are really glad that the hard work on Ethan's sleep routine seems to be paying off! He's getting a little easier to put to sleep/nap now and here he is wanting to show you his Sleep Kit -- just a few items in our arsenal of baby equipment that we find useful in calming and getting him to bed -- pacifier, nappy blanket & his favourite rubber sea urchin which lights up and is a fun (altho somewhat stimulating toy at night) that makes bed a happy place to be!
Some people have asked how the Baby Contest earlier went -- and we have to say that Ethan didn't make it to the Finals after all. It seems their criteria was more on the babies' developmental stage and as our Bubs is a little of a heavyweight in his category, he's actually taken to crawling a little later than many babies his age. We had a fun experience though, and to us Ethan will always be a Wonderful Breastfed Baby!

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