Wednesday 31 October 2007

Boys' Toys

We didn't think Ethan would take to hi-tech toys at such a young age, but he's been developing a deep attachment to techie toys like our computers and handphones...and we are quite amazed at the attention span he is able to give to these toys! So we have decided to give Ethan his very own handphone to play with. (Shh...don't tell him but it's actually Mummy's old handphone which still works well, has fun lights and even camera function but with SIM card removed.) I was amazed when a day later he had changed the wallpaper on the phone all by himself!

A strange feeling of deja vu hit me as I was looking at this photo of Ethan -- somehow his handphone fascination reminded me of someone else when he got his new handphone! (see Blog Post of 22 Sept 06) No mystery where Ethan gets his love of techie toys from!

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