Saturday, 22 December 2007


This week, Ivan took some leave and we had a holi-day. We called it a holi-day because we still had some night ministry to attend to so it was only in the day! Since we weren't going overseas we planned fun things to do which included spending more money on yummy food. On the first day of holi-day we went to explore Parkway Parade and found yummy sashimi in a shop that felt like a mom-and-pop store out of Japan. There were also toys nearby where Father and Son took a ride together...

Being a Tuesday, this was followed by half-priced waffles at Gelare on the East Coast. Ethan sure loved his first bite of waffles! On the second day of holi-day we trooped over to Vivo City to try out the wading pools on the third floor. Ethan even brought his own swimsuit and towel. The weather was perfect and Ethan had a great time.

After splashing with Mummy and Daddy he sat for ages in the deeper part of the pool looking through the glass and splashing the water around him.

Splish splash... goes Ethan's feet. Water sure is fun!

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