Wednesday, 16 January 2008

East Coast Again

We had such fun the last time we went to East Coast Park that we decided to go again. Off we went armed with hats to protect us from the sun. This time, Ethan wore his hat for a very long time - almost the entire outing!

Mummy's hat was even the same kind as Ethan's!

We found a nice place with a bit of shade and rested on our beach towel while Ethan played with his favourite spade. For a while, it felt like we weren't in Singapore at all.

The most memorable part of the day was our bicycle ride! We rented 2 bikes including one with a seat for Ethan. When he first got on he didn't look very impressed with the setup, but once we got going he squealed with delight and grinned as we cycled all the way down the beach stretch. We ended up at the jetty where we sang our "Fish, Fish" song as we looped figure-eights and laughed baby squeals of delight!

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