Thursday, 10 January 2008


After the busy socializing of the Festive season, Ethan has caught a bug. He's had fever for 3-4 days and was clingy, crying a lot and very sensitive to sudden loud sounds. So it really was bad timing for us when they decided to test the fire alarms in our building last week! I guess it's tough when you can't really understand why you are feeling so awful.

It was also a tough week for Mummy who had to manage without Daddy, and it got a little worrying when he started to develop a rash after the fever! (just when we thought we were out of the woods!) Fortunately we had quite a lot of support from Grandparents & Church Friends who helped in little ways to get us through this period. We are also glad that it turned out to be a viral thing that seems to be quite common in young kids. I'm glad Ivan is coming back soon tho......was a rather lonely thing to have to pick up a kid who is burning with fever and looking at his glazed eyes in the wee hours of the night......

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