Friday, 9 January 2009

More Peaceful Moments

Here's our little angel all decked out in her cute dress (thank you A. Ruth!) and girly accessories! After a rather difficult few weeks, Talia is beginning to settle a little easier at nights and now has a vague semblance of a daily routine although this is often at the mercy of her older Bro who is in the throes of his Terrible Two's. We can't blame him for his tantrums tho -- it's a natural part of growing up and learning how to manage some complex emotions and while wanting to assert his newly developing self-will and after countless reminders from us, he is showing signs of being able to control himself for a good part of the day!
There are still good days & rough ones, but our little girl is blossoming into quite a cute stage of babyhood. She has quite a disarming smile and has even started laughing on good days! She is starting to get rather heavy tho' and all the rocking & carrying is starting to get quite difficult (esp in the wee hours of the morning......) Unlike Ethan who used to drink himself to sleep in a milk-induced stupor, Talia's tummy seems a little more delicate and she's usually still quite awake after a feed necessitating some help from us to send her into Dreamland....

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