Friday, 13 February 2009

Chinese New Year Celebrations

The lunar new year has come and gone. The calories have come but have not yet gone... as usual, the whole family enjoyed gathering together, catching up, and stuffing our faces with yummy food. Ethan can be seen quietly enjoying his cocoacino next to Daddy and appreciating the shiny espresso cup!

Talia was decked out in her finest cheongsam. Actually it's her only one which quite handily was given to us by a church friend just one week earlier. It's very "fitting" so we're quite sure that in 1 more month it won't fit her anymore.

Grandma and Grandpa looked especially pleased to have the kids and grandkids all here. Some are overseas, but now with Heather, Emma, Ethan and Talia there are 4 noisy rug rats to scamper around and bring smiles to all our faces... all except Uncle Martin however, who still seems quite fearful of the young'uns!

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