Friday, 6 April 2007


Such fun! We took Ethan swimming for the first time and he luuuurrrrved it! A few months ago we tried when we were on a short holiday but it was cold and Ethan cried lots. This time we waited for a warm day, got him used to the water, then let him sit in his baby float toy that A. Pek Ya & Wan Ling bought for him!

Ethan liked swimming with Daddy almost as much as Daddy enjoyed it! Mummy was on the sidelines taking pictures and saying, "Be careful!" Now that Ethan likes the water so much, we can't wait for our baby swimming book to arrive which will teach us how to teach him to REALLY swim!


Carl and Jan said...

Hey maybe the babies can go swimming together one day! Hope Sam will learn from Ethan to enjoy swimming!

chaz said...

absolutely the cutest fella in the family! :P