Friday 24 November 2006

Chubby Lubby Baby

Ethan is just shy of 2 months old and he has become quite "solid" already at 5.1 kg - double his birth weight. All of Mum's milk is definitely going somewhere. He looks quite different from his first 1-2 weeks birth photos, and is starting to outgrow some of his small mittens and booties already. See those strong arms and legs?

Some people have summer vacation homes - Ethan has 2... one at each Grandparents house. This one is the new "Lubby Baby" cot we got at Carrefour as the l'il bub needed a safe place to sleep. It looks exactly like the close to $300 Graco cot, but cost us only $108 with that comfy mattress. Ethan knows a good buy when he sleeps on one, and is already putting it to good use.

It feels like Ethan has grown up and changed so much already! This is his photo from only 7 weeks ago when he was tiny newborn. Sniff sniff...

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Anonymous said...

Ohh Ethan has filled up - cute and cubby