Sunday, 26 November 2006

Kani Ramen

Both of us love ramen, but only the good stuff after having eaten the real delicious stuff in Japan. Unfortunately most ramen places in Singapore (like coffee in most of our cafes) don't do it properly so you end up thinking ramen is nothing special. Some of the best ramen can be had in Singapore by buying the fresh packed ramen from places like Meidya and adding your own toppings. We usually get a good brand of miso ramen and add pork slices, but tonight we had king crab ramen topped with chives, soft-boiled egg (the yolk must be runny inside the egg), and garlic prawns. Yummy...

As usual, Ivan used lots of garlic, but Ethan still drank his milk and doesn't seem too worse for wear!

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Anonymous said...

Hummm ramen - brings back good memories!