Sunday 26 November 2006

Sick Week

We're coming to the end of a "sick week" for Mum and Dad. First Ivan got the flu bug, then passed it to Renata who had a mild fever. Fortunately, Ethan never caught it. A few people told us that babies have natural antibodies, not just from the breastmilk but also antibodies of their own so they rarely get sick. To be on the safe side, Renata has taken to wearing a mask while feeding Ethan so as not to cough on him as they are sharing close-quarters for a long time during the feed. The first time she wore it, he gave her a funny, "Are you mummy?" look!

Ivan's also been trying to take it easy this week so he can recover from the flu, and it's almost all gone now. One of the favourite huddle positions for father and son is now this one which both have perfected on any available sofa, including this one and grandma and grandpa's place.

Ethan is sleeping quite well. He achieved a personal best last night, dozing 7 hours between feeds and waking up just before 7am for the sunrise.

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Anonymous said...

Mummy and Daddy must be happy with more sleep!