Saturday, 3 March 2007

Ethan's Prayers

I sat down this morning to do a very quick video blog, but then I picked a song and memories and thankfulness kept flowing for an hour. So here's Ethan's Prayer of thanks and simple hopes for the future. It's our best video of Ethan yet!

Hint: You can always click on "Google Video" button for larger video window


Carl and Jan said...

very cool videos! how do you do them?

Anonymous said...

We use standard digital camera photos plus video from digital camera (our is low quality 320x240, 15fps so we're thinking of getting something that can take better video - looking at something small like Creative's one rather than a large costly one that may have higher quality but is too big to instantly capture precious moments anywhere).

Edit in Windows Movie Maker (standard with WinXP, can import AVI files that most digital cameras - but not video cameras - record in). Output to Windows Media and upload to Google Video. Use Google's "Blog This" feature to embed within any website.

Carl and Jan said...

Ethan, we'll be praying too for you to love Jesus and follow Him as your King! Hope Samantha does too!