Friday, 16 March 2007

A Fun Day Off

Yesterday was our day off, so we went out and about trying to run errands and have some fun as a family. A big objective of the day was to look for a high-chair for Ethan. There is of course the ubiquitous Ikea ANTILOP High Chair for the bargain basement price of $33 ("cheap and good" say many parents), but we wanted to see what others there were.

Here is the Graco Contempo Highchair on sale at Robinsons. We were surprised that Ethan is already quite stable in it and seemed to find it comfy. I didn't know high chairs were so expensive. This one was $168 on sale!

Ethan napped in his comfy stroller quite a bit then woke up when we stopped for tea at a local coffee shop. It's a bit noisy but you can hear him laughin as he play the "Choo Choo" game with him. It's hard to describe... Daddy just made it up one day and Ethan loves it...

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