Tuesday, 6 March 2007


This morning I came into Ethan's room and found him like this! He had pushed himself all the way to the corner of his cot and was peering out of the bars...

It was actually quite late in the morning (around 8.45am) and Ethan had been up for quite a while. He seems to wake up anywhere from around 6.30am to 8.00am but will usually amuse himself for some time before he gets hungry enough to start fussing so that we can hear him. This morning, he wasn't fussing - just playing - and slurped down his 160ml breakfast very quickly.

His rash has been the best it's ever been for the last few days but still not 100% disappeared. I've started wrapping him up in his light cotton blanket so he can't swipe at the creams I've been putting on his face. Kind of like a temporary straitjacket so he can't hurt himself!

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RottieBoy said...

Hey!!,, Does'nt he look a lot like Renata in the top picture - I think its the eyes and curly hair look :)