Sunday, 8 June 2008

Children's Garden...Again!

It was so fun that went to the Jacob Ballas' Childrens Garden again! This time we stopped along the way to get some Adam Road nasi lemak for breakfast. Ethan and Daddy had a fun time sharing this breakfast! Ethan tends to like whatever Daddy likes and he loved his first nasi lemak ... without chilli and fried chicken of course!

Just look at that happy boy face! Ethan really likes doing things that Daddy does and eating is no exception. The day was turning out great with lovely weather and Ethan looking sporty in his new swimgear. He has outgrown his previous one and this entire set cost all of $7 at an Aussie discount shop we were at earlier this year.

A walk around the Children's Garden uncovered many treasures.  One was this cute suspension bridge.  The netting on the sides makes it safe for kids and Ethan loved the challenge of walking on the bridge. Doesn't he and Daddy look sporty!?

Of course we played at the water fountain. This time Ethan had lots of sun protection with his special sun-protecting hat so we stayed a looong time.

After all that play, Ethan changed into dryer clothes and we shared a peppermint ice-cream.  Daddy and Ethan's trick is to be fed using your mouth instead of your hands.  Coordinated aren't we?

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