Friday, 20 June 2008

Computer Lessons

Busy, busy, busy! Ethan is touching up his own website...

Mummy says this that is exactly what Daddy looks like...both in earnest concentration and when something/someone disturbs that focussed time on the PC.

But Ethan is extra happy with what he accomplished today. You see, Daddy watches Ethan use the computer and though he tries to teach the little bub a thing or two, Ethan has started teaching Daddy some things too. We knew the time would come, but didn't think it would be so soon.

You see, Ethan will rattle away and often finds some shortcut that Daddy didn't know about. Today he somehow brought up Computer Management directly from the desktop! It's a fairly advanced and esoteric part of Windows that most people don't know about it. I usually go to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management to get at it and still don't know how Ethan managed to pull it up directly.

I looked away and when I glanced back, the web-page Ethan was fiddling with suddenly looked all tiny. Upon closer inspection it was zoomed at 40% which even my lasiked 20-20 eyes couldn't read. Further examination uncovered this shortcut that Ethan taught me! In Internet Explorer click Ctrl then scroll the mouse wheel up/down and this will zoom the page in/out. I only knew Ctrl-Shift + or - to zoom in/out. This mouse wheel one is better! Thanks Ethan...

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