Sunday, 15 June 2008

Singapore Flyer

We took a trip on the world's largest observation wheel - the Singapore Flyer! It was Barker Rd Methodist Church's staff & family day so Ethan and Ivan tagged along with everyone else. It was a great outing.

Ethan was wide-eyed with wonder at the sights, and we were suitably impressed with how well the whole Singapore Flyer experience was done. They had nice restaurants, good staff, spanking new facilities BUT no diaper change tables! Shock and horror... how can a world-class tourist attraction have no diaper change tables? One staff said "Sorry, don't have" so we proceeded to change Ethan on a bench in the foyer whereby another staff came and said, "You can use the first-aid room!" First-aid room!!?! Knock off the red-cross and slap on some white diapers I say...

At the base of the Flyer is lovely garden. Singapore seems to be very good at doing this man-made stuff which, though a little sterile, was still pleasing and fun. Ethan enjoyed it!

In the Flyer itself, I am pleased to say that the airconditioning worked very well despite the heat of the early afternoon. Ethan was the smallest of the kids there. You can see that he wants to start playing with others but doesn't quite have the physical development just yet!

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