Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Girls' Holiday

While the Boys are off having their holiday, the Girls have been having some cuddly & fun bonding time as well. Talia loves animals and often pretends to be one at home, so we went to the Zoo for our Girls outing. When I asked her what animals she wanted to see she said "Giraffe and snails"! But she seemed most thrilled to see the Zebras! Here she is enjoying the sight of the stripey Zebras having their breakfast.
She tends to tire quite easily especially now that she is having a cold, but we managed to get in a great time at the Kid's Water playground and some lunch before she fell asleep in my arms on the tram ride back. I'm enjoying the special time with her and since I am also clearing leave, it's nice that its quite unrushed and I can go at her pace (rather than have to make sure she fits into our hectic one!) It's been wonderful bonding time but she often remembers her Daddy and Brother and I think we all appreciate each other a lot more after this!

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